Our Exploration and Logistic Services

Avataa Explorations & Logistics Inc. is a family Nunavik Inuit owned enterprise that knows the Nunavik territory. Avataa strives to maintain custom quality service at all times and to provide best strategy and planning for efficient management of our customers’ Nunavik explorations. We invite you to contact us on any of the following services we provide.

Workforce Camp and Catering

Avataa can mobilize 20-30 persons or more exploration camps and offer remote camp catering services.

Transport Logistics

Avataa can help you manage all transportation logistic requirements from vehicle rental to marine transportation and helicopter services.

Environmental Services

Our partner Avataani Environmental site remediation department can help assess contamination issues to determine the lowest-cost solutions, as well as  hazardous waste management while we provide the logistical support.

Exploration supplies and equipment

Avataa is a dealer of several companies and can deliver, on-site, a wide range of exploration equipment and environmental supplies.

Mining Industry Services

With expertise gained by strategic partnership, we now offer diamond drilling, underground mining construction and geophysics services to the mining industry.

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Industry Logistic Services

Diamond Drilling Logistics

Underground Exploration Logistics

Geophysic Services